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[MOD] Ongoing - Recruitment Post!

We're not invincible subbing group, thus this is needed!! Come and join our family~!!

General requirement
- MUST be a NEWS fan. The guys above~!!
- Have experience with subbing and familiar with the software.
- Can work in a team, know how to work with other people and respect for each other as we're to become a family.
- Dedicated with work and responsible. Don't just join the team and then went mia. If it's really unavoidable then it can't be helped.
- Willing to learn and accept critics.

Move on to the requirement of each position.

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eg micchuuu~♥

# announcement!! #

Hey guys~!! Sorry we've been too silent lately.. Put that aside, first of all..

Sorry for the lame banner.. lol

Okay move on to our announcement.. I'm sure you guys have watched NEWS LIVE DVD!! It was really awesome!
For those who are waiting for this, thank you so much but we're sorry because we wont subbed the DVD.. Yup, just to let you know that!! But rest assured, we know that there are some of awesome NEWS fans that are working on it.. So yeah. lol. And I'm sure they are giving their best so give them supports.

Urm.. If there's anything you guys wanna tell us, just drop a comment~

Rules and membership.

Hi everyone! Here at newshare , membership is NO LONGER MODERATED, but you have to join to see all the entries of the released projects. However we expect everyone to abide by the following rules. Here are our rules and guidelines on what to comment on.

1. Please DO NOT RE-POST our videos elsewhere.
2. Please DO NOT HOTLINK our download links. 
3. Please DO NOT post our videos in ANY streaming sites
4. Please DO NOT sell our videos or make any profits from them. It’s completely free for everybody . ^^
5. Please drop comments whenever you take our videos. Your comments and suggestions are very appreciated, and help to improve our subbing team. ^_^
6. Please drop a comment here stating that you have read our rules. We don’t mean to be strict or anything, it’s just to make sure everyone have read the rules and to discourage anything that against the rules.  ^_^
7. Lastly, hit the JOIN button. If you didn't do this part, don't blame us if we didn't approve you. And you're now a member of this community.

ENJOY our videos!! And please keep supporting us!! ^_^

Kindly drop a comment so the mod can approve you.